About us

I’m Jade.

I’m from Essex, in the UK. I have spent most of the money I’ve earned in my lifetime travelling. And I’ve spent a large chunk my 20’s living abroad.

During 2015, I volunteered in The Philippines for a non-governmental organisation called ‘All Hands’. Here, I built houses for families that were destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda. I’m particularly proud of this chapter of my life. Although I drank A LOT of red horse (strong beer), I’ve never worked so profoundly hard and learnt so much about myself.

After moving to New Zealand in 2016, I’ve mostly performed live music (singing and playing guitar) and pursued my Psychology degree with The Open University. I now work as an Independent Mental Health Advocate and continue to study part-time.

I’m passionate about mental health and wellbeing. I’m particularly focused on breaking down social conditioning and stigma; allowing people to live authentically and truly without fear or suppression. That’s why I vow, when writing these blogs, to write from my spirit and my soul. If the voice in my head says, ‘Hmmm… maybe not Jade’, then it’s going in.

I’m also interested in nutrition and running. And my beautiful son Koa, but not when he wants to play cars. I hate playing cars.

I’m Daniel.

I’m from the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. I had your classic Irish upbringing; most of it spent on the hurling field.

I qualified in Sustainable Energy Engineering in 2015. I am passionate about sustainability as a whole and how we can make more sustainable choices and actions, everyday.

I hit a point in 2015, where I knew working in Ireland wasn’t for me and I had the urge to go travelling. My best mate gave me his travel diary to read, which detailed his explorations of New Zealand. I read it and I knew that was the place I was going to go.

I arrived there in January 2016 and started travelling alone. I became addicted to getting to know new people from different cultures, different countries and who had different outlooks on the world.

From 2017 through to 2020, I juggled qualifying as a Carpenter, building my own Tiny House on Wheels and becoming a Dad, unexpectedly!

Right now, I’m passionate about constructing small scale edible food gardens for individuals and communities. I’m particularly focused on promoting community cohesion, as I believe the loss of this has led to many social problems.

In my free time, I like to write and read; as well as play any competitive sport I can.

We do really like each other but only when we’re not tired from being parents.
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