The Gym: Initial Motivation, Defying Expectation.

When we decide to join a gym, what’s our underlying motivation? There’s usually more than one, but ultimately themes of losing weight, getting fitter/stronger and ‘looking better’ are common driving forces. We might also want to feel more energised, demonstrate self-accountability or just generally improve our health. Overall though, I’d say the motivating factors forContinue reading “The Gym: Initial Motivation, Defying Expectation.”

There is work before the work

If you haven’t already read ‘Before emancipation, comes burn’ and ‘Forged freedom?’ I encourage you to. It’ll give you context as to which point we are now at in our exhaustingly exciting journey, emotionally and practically. These posts are raw and honest, they expose the hardships as well as the joys of our venture. AndContinue reading “There is work before the work”

Babies don’t NEED to cost money

“Babies are expensive”, “I hope you’ve got savings” and “say goodbye to any disposable income” are some of the encouraging things you hear when you tell people you’re expecting a child. And I’m sure this to be true for many. I’m sure many parents want the best quality things for their babies and themselves asContinue reading “Babies don’t NEED to cost money”

Before emancipation, comes burn

So as you may have gathered from reading ‘Our Story’, in the early months of 2018, we have a new baby and we’re living in New Zealand. We’re in a magical little place called ‘Wanaka’ and we’re living in a little sleep-out that is located a little outside of the town centre. It meets ourContinue reading “Before emancipation, comes burn”