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The Gym: Initial Motivation, Defying Expectation.

When we decide to join a gym, what’s our underlying motivation? There’s usually more than one, but ultimately themes of losing weight, getting fitter/stronger and ‘looking better’ are common driving forces. We might also want to feel more energised, demonstrate self-accountability or just generally improve our health. Overall though, I’d say the motivating factors forContinue reading “The Gym: Initial Motivation, Defying Expectation.”

Upcycling Perceptions

Earlier this month, we took a family holiday down to Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. We surfed, skated and became temporary locals at the brewery. I wanted to focus this blog post on the last day of our trip, where an event unfolded that I found very upsetting to witness. I then reflected upon the eventContinue reading “Upcycling Perceptions”

2020 Vision

This blog post ‘should’ have been about our mental health struggles throughout the build of our Tiny Home (well… my mental health struggles and Daniel coping with them); as signposted by the previous blog ‘There is work before the work.’ However, I haven’t written an UpLiving piece for six weeks and it seems more fittingContinue reading “2020 Vision”

Forged Freedom?

So when I say ‘the caravan is small, but at least our Tiny House will feel like a mansion when we move in’, I am a fool. The first night in our caravan, yes it did feel good. But I would liken that short-lived feeling to, say, going for that first run of your life.Continue reading “Forged Freedom?”

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